Certified Practising Accountant Australia
Corporate Livewire - Innovation & Excellence Award Winner 2017
Australian Accounting Awards 2015
Australian Accounting Awards 2015
Corporate Livewire - Innovation & Excellence Award Winner 2017
Certified Practising Accountant Australia
Property Investor Awards 2018 - Tax Depreciation Silver Medal

"Striving to ensure that everyone involved with this house is far Richer in life and Wealth for having dealt with us"

Maximise Savings & Reduce Debt

We’ll tailor a bespoke program help you put more aside and spend less, by setting and following a practical budget.

We often find we can help clients find money to save without making significant changes to their lifestyle.

And as you save, we’ll show you what you should be doing with your savings to make them work best for you.

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Minimise Tax

The Australian tax system ranks amongst the most complex and money-hungry in the developed world.

Failure to anticipate your standing with regards particular tax regulations can cost thousands each year in unnecessary tax payments. Compounded over ten years or a lifetime, this extra tax can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost savings.

With the House of Wealth guiding you, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an experienced tax specialist on your team. Our specialist tax accountants spend many hours each year keeping abreast of changes in tax laws and the best strategies for keeping your tax bills to a minimum.

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Investment Portfolio Management

We’re here to help you maintain and safely grow your wealth by focusing on two core activities: Asset Allocation and Ownership Structuring.

Careful Allocation of Assets to different classes of investment strikes a balance between your needs for growth and capital preservation.

Ownership Structuring your holdings, e.g. with various types of trust, minimises your tax liability and fulfill any special needs such as managing inheritance issues.

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Centrelink Strategy

There are many periods over the course of your life when you likely qualify for Centrelink benefits. Benefits worth thousands of dollars per year.

Yet a recent report from the Commonwealth Bank estimates the total amount of unclaimed Centrelink benefits in Australia at around $10 billion per year. Why so much? Because Centrelink rules are incredibly complex and too difficult for the average layperson to understand.

At House of Wealth, we offer independent, confidential, expert Centrelink advice that will show you what you’re really entitled to and how to claim it.

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Estate Planning

When the time comes to pass your wealth on to family or other beneficiaries, you’ll want to keep any tax paid on their inheritance to a minimum.

You’ll also want to ensure it’s disbursed with the minimum amount of fuss. Along with that, you may want to make provisions for how and when the money is spent.

Estate Planning is an important aspect of Financial Planning and it’s not just for wealthy retirees. It’s something we encourage all our clients to start thinking about - particularly those with families.

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Financial Insurance

Income Protection and Life Insurance help safeguard your family’s way of life in the event of sudden loss of income through accident, illness or death.

If you have a family and carry significant levels of debt, being without insurance would make the fallout from a disaster many times worse for them.

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